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All the materials can be available by mining

All the materials can be available by http://www.mmolive.com/ mining. So mining is another important profession for you to make Wow gold. You can go everywhere to mine for materials that you need for your design or you can just buy the materials from other players. That would be more convenient. You would be overwhelmed with gold soon if you apply this profession.

As a newbie, you should make yourself full of passion to level up your character. The best choice for a novice to earn Wow gold is reselling items in the auction house. You can buy items at a very low price and hold them until they recover to the proper price. This process will get you an astonishing amount of World of Warcraft gold.

You should avoid selling the items that have already been put up by other players. Choose a unique style item to sell and sell at your own auction time. Weekends and holidays are the most appropriate time for selling items at the auction house.