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I men around lumbridge

I men around lumbridge (and women), and Cheap WOW Gold then move onto goblins right behind lumbridge common shop. Go and fight the livestock across the weblink next, they are amazing for xp, and can help improve food preparation stage.


Go to the Stronghold of Security(SOS) and fight the minotaurs and baby wolves on the first stage.


Go and fight the skin spiders and zombies down further in SOS.

Around 60 go and fight the moss giants, perfect for prayer and hit real low.

Mage: I suggest go to closed fist of Guthix to practice mage.

Range: Go anywhere to practice variety start with low stage numbers, like melee, and perform your way up.

Mage and variety both get costly the advanced stage you are. so make sure you have a lot of money for the both of them. I also suggest that you go to dungenering to stage up so expertise. And keep in mind, DON'T wast your some time to power looking for hackers and Autobots