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Massive at MI6: Blizzard is an "around game" ad success

Not only did Blizzard clean up at the MI6 prizes Cheap WOW Gold(and yes, that's not to be puzzled with the English Intellect Organization that some guy known as Connection performs for), but their associates at Large also provided a demonstration there. Who's Large, you ask? You may not know their name, but you've already seen their work: they're the company, relevant to Ms, that Blizzard has employed to run their ingame and in-software ads.During the demonstration, the rep from Large, JJ Richards, discussed the three kinds of promotion that they're running: in-game, around activity, and for activity.If that all appears to be sly, so be it . But it appears to be like Blizzard has created a awesome big cope with Large (despite the point that we're still paying a clean registration fee every month), so whether we like it or not, we're going to be seeing exactly what they're planning in our games in the future.  

World of Globe of warcraft obviously isn't much of an applicant for that form of promotion, but Large does report them as a millionaire for the second kind, "around game": they take complete credit for the ads over on the boards, as well as the ads we'll gradually see in the Starcraft and Diablo Fight.net connections. In-game is what you usually see in EA's big sports titles: big advertisements that game real-life manufacturers, or even in-game products like mobile mobile phones and outfits that promote actual things.