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Please locate enclosed the exclusive screenshots

Please locate enclosed the exclusive screenshots with the unique Cheap WOW Gold Christmas occasion. For supplemental data, please check out the official website http://flyff.gpotato.eu

The gPotato team is also pleased to announce a brand new payment approach in association with "PaySafeCard". PaySafeCards are prepaid cards readily available across France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Germany in numerous retail outlets, and may be redeemed on all games readily available on the gPotato.eu portal.

As the free-to-play game's newest expansion, today is a Flyffy day. Bringing a whole new continent to the world, "The Lost Continent" arrives on the servers.

Some dark dungeons and dangerous new enemies are added in the the new continent of Shaduwar, centering around a darker atmosphere than the upbeat game usually provides. Since the game's inception, for the game being centered around flying characters, they're adding wings to the game.

There might be an extra particular bonus occasion this week! The following points are all a part of our "FlyFF Fan Appreciation Celebration" created in response to our emergency maintenance this week:

Kawibawibo Event, all week until next wednesday!

UPDATE: 1.5x Experience from this Saturday until next Wednesday!

Lawolf & Demian only: 2x Experience all week until next wednesday!

Lawolf & Demian only: Event Sunstone Drop Event, also all week until wednesday!