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Released Globe of Warcraft

Released Globe of Warcraft:
November 23, 2004
Released Globe of warcraft in Buy WOW Gold:
February 2007
System Requirements Globe of Warcraft:
P4 1.5 Ghz, 512 MB RAM, 64 MB 3D Cards, HDD 1 Gb

Recently, the European version of the MMORPG Globe of warcraft was six decades of age. On this occasion, the formal web page of the project conducted a survey in which the designers have tried to discover out what activities for this half-year history of the most memorable players. While the most considerable occasion players believe the opening of European areas (35%), show of "South Park" (31%) and releasing a new web page and community forums (14%).

P.S. We provide you in content to write their thoughts on the topic. It is possible that for someone of you have been far more considerable activities on the globe of Azeroth - like a spook Event.

Earlier this period, Blizzard formally declared that the variety of effective members in the MMORPG Globe of warcraft has achieved 11.5 thousand players. Exactly the same players were in WoW and at the end of 2008.

And these days, the go of Blizzard Mark Morhaym (Mike Morhaime)Cheap WOW Gold formally declared the 12 thousand registered members in WoW. In Blizzard no query that with the discharge of add-Cataclysm in Dec this period, the usage will become even higher.