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Romantic journey in game instance

 The next day she said to Quail:"there was someone taught her a lot useful knowledge, and she also learned a lot by herself and begin to use them to make wow gold in game." Quail gave back:" make effort to learn that, then you will make a great progress. "Then she asked:" do you have girl friend? It was easy to find a girl friend in the college. The Quail said with a bitter smile:" I cannot have both the World of Warcraft and girlfriend." she replied:" then why not just find a girl who was also playing the game?"

   The game world is like this way, there were so many players feel lonely in the game .but they still cannot leave it. They chatted with each other every day, sometimes there was even no topic. Later Quail told her:" you can get into the ICCG team, but the equipments there are too expensive, don't buy them even if you have enough wow gold, they don't worth that price." Then she went there. There is less opportunity for them to talk with each other. The Quail is busy with reclaim the wasteland, she was also M for several time. Then she told the Quail:" my first number was blocked."