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Some Rogues would look for deep mysteries

In cities, Rogues mastered the advantage of night attacks and dark alleys. They know that by staying in unseen places, they can initiate an unexpected attack which will prevent theiropponent to counter their moves.

There's also Rogues who decided on a more sinister method of overcome their opponents. Wild, savage beasts that make the heart pound and warriors twitch are utilized to double their advantage. There are some who use their knowledge of plants and poisons to provide them that many wanted edge over anyone.

Some Rogues would look for deep mysteries that will assist them enhance their abilities against attacks of their opponents or even advance their weapon's capabilities.Thought Rogues can't make platinum for you, however in combats, they're evasive and don't meet their opponents head on. The appearance for the best chance to strike and therefore are selective in finding out which kind of blow will knock their opponents cold off their feet. They're best if you want someone to finish off using speed, intelligence and cunningness. Suitable combat types are duels, scouting missions and assassinations.