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The ax as a weapon is different from other races

Rappelz forces of division one family Ranger Cheap WOW Gold child "Ten steps is to kill a person, a thousand miles without leaving the line. Things go deep hiding with the name. Ranger said that it is easy to think of Li Bay’s knight-line in these two lines there indeed. This is the most appropriate record of the ancient knight. It is one of the Rappelz Terrain Ranger career most vivid descriptions.

In Rappelz, there are three races - Terran, Protoss, inferno, which were the largest ethnic strength. It is a veritable force of the division, which is a branch from the human race to complete Ranger who reflects. With Rappelz Rupees you can enjoy all the races totally. Ranger family, there are two people, armed with an ax with the epoch of the momentum of the soldiers, and archers shoot with great precision.

The ax as a weapon is different from other races, the Terran fighters of the main features of the soldiers. Whether it is clenched hands holding one hand or two ax, imposing an absolute advantage on the accounts. Explosion flame of anger, violent shock signs is dizziness Terrain soldier skills. It is able to instantly stun the WOW Gold enemy, equipment ax with both hands. Then release the fire dance, hell fire, the fire burned down the occasion when the enemy is. If dual wielding one-handed axes, cutting the current moment the wind property damage to the enemy. The waves of anger, and a row broke out a strong attack space partition.
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