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The Lost Atlantis expansion is right around the corner

The Lost Atlantis expansion is right around the corner, and all players must be very excited about it WOW Gold. However, as more players join Angels Online, the population stress in the server increases. So, in order to relieve population stress and offer better service as well as invite more new players to join Angels Online, we have decided to release a new AO server called Rehael on September 4th. We also have prepared some events with big rewards for players in the new server.

We firmly believe that the new sever will offer our players a much smoother gaming experience, and an environment of fair play with cool, new friends.

 The Flame Area event will end after the weekly server maintenance on this Thursday. After the event ends, players are unable to enter the Flame Area by talking to the NPC. Hurry up to use your Flame Area Tickets and level up fast.

A series of funny events will be available for all players after the Flame Area event ends. For more information about this event can read on the official website.