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There's reading, and then there's reading

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The new player experience has completely done WOW Gold away with what I remember back during launch. Now the game is both very solo friendly while also still being equally group friendly. I'm assuming greater rewards are given for players who do instances on the greater difficulty settings, but my solo encounters allowed for plenty of looting.In D&D, proper treasure pay-out is important and Turbine is giving plenty of options, but not so much loot that it all becomes inconsequential.
One thing I made sure to do was to actually read and comprehend the quest dialogue.

There's reading, and then there's reading and if you want to understand why it is you're doing what you're doing and why it's so importantyou perform the latter. I'm glad that I did so, because the story of Korthos Island and the peril its inhabitants face have up to this point been classic D&D storytelling employed at its best by Turbine.