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Troublesome sexual interest in globe of warcraft guilds


Ask:I uncover myself in the middle of a really troubling circumstance and am hoping that you can guide shed some light! You see I'm the GM of an very casual raid guild Cheap WOW Gold,who happens to become produced of a tight knit group of buddies. The majority of us happen to be with each other (in one particular guild or yet another) for nearly 5 years, and we have often taken pride in the truth that our groups have ZERO drama. When we're raiding or undertaking random heroics, we ordinarily poke enjoyable at one another in vent. Nevertheless it is under no circumstances something that would make somebody feel uncomfortable or mean, just fantastic enjoyable.I recognize now that we need to have put a quit to this circumstance in its infancy and my gut tells me to just cut our losses and gkick right away. If it was a circumstance outside of the Guild there could be no question (make contact with Blizzard, and let them handle a possible ToS violation), on the other hand how should I manage this scenario due to the sensitive nature on the issue? Your thoughts & wisdom would be much appreciated!Answer:Communication is your trump card here.

You have to talk to Y and let him (or her -- but let's not play pronoun games) know that his attentions and remarks are making others uncomfortable. Yeah, we know that it stinks to become in the hotseat -- but as the GM, it's your job, man. This is something you need to take a big breath and tackle head on.And that's that. You've let Y know the jig is up, it's not cool, and the Eye of Sauron is upon him. You've produced your point without getting into any interpersonal drama; after all, that's X and Y's business. Your business is simply the part that spills over into guild life. Hopefully, the scenario ends right there. Be sure to let X know you've had a conversation with Y -- no need to give a play-by-play account -- and to get back with you quickly if the unwanted behavior doesn't stop. If it does persist, then you have to investigate. You are going to need screenshots (privately of course) and you need to keep an eye on both X and Y's behavior.