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WOW -Five levels in Archeology

  If you want to dig the Night Elf baby dolls instead of creating WOW Gold, you could mainly do more archeology is in Kalimdor, if you want to dig trolls blade or magic wand you can get into the Southern Kingdom. After 450 factor you could renew Tuo Weier aspects, only in Uldum you can get the traditional factor of this competition. First of all, I want to split archeology into five levels.

   The first stage is 20-59 category. Archaeological 20 can understand and cannot fly until 59, the performance is incredibly low, is incredibly not suggested to understand. The second stage is 60-69 category. It can fly, but only research 150% of the wildlife with low performance. 60 likelihood of aggro enemies still not suggested. The third quality is 70-74 category. From that period, archeology was a true feeling of the value. Treasures finish the situation, 70 per excavation begin to the social relics will offer 4000 experience is the need to dig about 300 periods, each excavation website can dig three periods. This update is completely appropriate. It all stage is in 75-79 category. Capabilities from 70 traditional update to 450 to not 75. So you need to do a little task to be able to get WOW Silver.