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You can also create concerns and protect

You can also create concerns and protect. You can create Lunar Armor with creating, everything from the Body system to the Shoes, to the Feet, and all the way again to the hand protection. The know-how for these differs anywhere from 25-35 xp according to what element you are creating. Or you could use jewelry and create a Gold Sickle which can be used as a Cheap WOW Gold system.

Crafting Guild - Situated free commercial airline of Falador, northern western of Rimmington. Have a look at our Crafting Guild guide for more details on what is available to you there..

Crafting Stores - Operating out of Al Kharid and Rimmington. These shops provide Chisels, Tiny needles, and Recognize for 1 gp each; and Amulet, Necklace, Band, Holy picture, Sickle, A very a pretty tiara, Secure, and Anklet wristbands fits for 5 gp each.

Crafting is a big ability. There are all kinds of Inexpensive RS Gold you can do with it, and Jagex is always looking at new ones. So if you are ever exhausted one day, go out and craft!